Masumi Kowata tries to get scientific information on tritium

On 2016-08-31, at 9:11, Yoko Akimoto <> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Over two weeks have passed since WSF Montreal closed. I hope everyone is back, feeling responsible for the next step or others….

Well, now we need your help. Let me know info on tritium ASAP, please.

Masumi Kowata, a town councilor at Okuma, Fukushima who had lived several kms away from the accident Fukushima Nuclear Plant, tries to get scientific information on tritium. According to her, officials from the TEPCO and the Environmental Department repeated at the meetings, “Tritium is safe. Taking it into our body causes no problem. In France people don’t care about it. In Korea they throw away it a lot.” She doubts it. Could you tell me how tritium is dealt with in France, Korea or others, and scientific data or essay on tritium as well?

(*Masumi Kowata participated in WSF Tunisia 2015, and No-Nukes Forum 2016 in Tokyo. She was elected in an election last winter, with virtually the highest number of votes.)


Yoko Akimoto
International Committee, ATTAC Japan